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  • A Guy Show - Episode 78
    On AGS – Jeff heads to the doctor this week (ouch) and Mike visits the Warm Springs Ranch! In Guy Show U – Mike explains the fun of the new amusement park called Diggerland! Finally Jeff explains the 7 surprising health benefits of farting! This is A Guy Show!
  • A Guy Show - Episode 77
    This week on AGS, Mike shares his cold with the entire Lyceum Theater crowd! In Guy Show U – It’s your list of last minute tailgating items. Hank stops by with an NFL update and we find out what’s new with Uber. This is A Guy Show
  • A Guy Show - Episode 76
    It's our Labor Day Weekend Show! What jobs have you worked? We give our list of past employment. In Guy Show U - we visit with Bill Sullivan from Longhorn Steakhouse about grilling this weekend. And what are the top songs about working? We're playing them all show long. This is A Guy Show!